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It's been a great ride, performing around the country and the
world, seeing the great pyramids, the statue of David in
Florence , the beautiful waters of Tahiti , and the wonderful
architecture of Bangkok, to name a few hot spots I have visited.
It was also a great experience living in 7 US states, singing with
the South Carolina Philharmonic as a guest artist
(having my own dressing room to boot!).  I also loved playing
a lead role on a national t.v. program filmed in Los Angeles,
and love that I am learning and growing all the time, getting
better and more versatile with age.
I currently live in the great city of Los Angeles, pursuing film,
television and theatre. Lalaland has not yet turned me into a
vegan, nor have I yet used botox, and my man breasts are indeed
 A goal to be on Broadway and to be a singer and actor  began at
12 years old when I sang 'Over The Rainbow' for Mr. Brower,
choral director for the 7 th and 8 th grade all boys chorus
(The Talons!) at Brooklyn Middle School in Brooklyn, Michigan.
(Yes, such a town does exist!)  I didn't know I could sing until I
opened my mouth.  And then the magic filled me and the
journey began. For this great trip I am taking, I thank God, all
my family, all my friends,  and all my teachers for putting up with
me and supporting me through all the adversity and all the joy. 
As my brother Curt often says, to quote a great
REO Speedwagon song,  "Keep Pushin!". And so I do.