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Demo Reel

Theatrical Reel

Theatrical Reel Two

Comedy Reel

Chelsea Lately Clip

Sex Sent Me To The ER

The Onion - Webisode / Multimedia Demo

Film Clips 1

Character 1 Demo

Character 2 Demo

Dramatic Demo

Commercial Demo 1

Commercial Demo 2

Commercial Demo 3

Commercial Demo 4

Rockin' The Boat Vocal

Aaron sings 'Bring Him Home"

Aaron Sings About Beautiful Uzbekistan!

Sitcom Demo

Dramatic Episodic TV Demo

Live Theatre Demo

Musical Theatre Demo 1

Musical Theatre Demo 2

Musical Theatre Demo 3

Musical Theatre Demo 4

Musical Theatre Demo 5

Narrator Voice Over Clip

Narrator Voice Over Clip 2

Character Voice Over Clip 1

Character Voice Over Clip 2

Vocal Demos - Various Venues

Pop Vocal Demo

The Adventures of Amo